Association Mailing Address

Clearwater Farms Property Owners Assn
Units IV, V, VI and VII.
P.O. Box 191
Waddell, AZ 85355

Association Contact

Those from outside the community having business with the CFPOA should contact Eric North - 623.537.7350.

Board Members

Terry Dickinson - 602.376.6366

Mike Smith - 623.853.9550
Vice President

Eric North - 623.537.7350

David Kohler - 602.321.8573
Board Member

Terry Daughtrey - 623.249.3312
Board Member

Water Committee

NOTE: If you have problems with irrigation (understanding how, broken line, water not coming, anything!) please contact Bill McMillan, Mike Yerkins or David Kohler in the order below.

Bill McMillan - 623.853.0943
Water Master

Mike Yerkins - 623.853.1300
Assistant Water Master

David Kohler - 602.321.8573
Assistant Water Master

Eric North - 623.537.7350
Irrigation Scheduling

Architectural Control Committee

Mary Daughtry (Chair) - 623.249.3312
Tracy Bruner - 623.853.0907
Rod Ferguson - 623.693.0978

Website and IMS

Eric North - 623.537.7350






Updated 6/26/17

We received a number of calls about low irrigation flow during this last cycle. MWD tells me there is sand in the line and they cannot remove it until the line is dry on a week day -- something that isn't likely to happen during the next few cycles. We are still talking with them to try to come up with a solution. Until then, if you have low flow you should still check to be sure the valves at the head of your street are properly adjusted and that all other valves on your street are closed. Beyond that, we're at the mercy of the MWD.

Also, be aware this is the time of year that we sometimes have to adjust water orders downward. Our order cannot exceed 335 hours in a cycle. If water orders total more than that, we reduce the largest orders on an hours-per-acre basis until we are under 335. Note that you cannot compensate for this by ordering extra water--an order for 8 hours for a two-acre parcel will be reduced to 6 hours before an order for 6 hours is adjusted at all. Please consider having your property leveled--it can make a huge difference in the amount of water needed to reach all of it!


Board of Directors Meetings
Watch for date.
6705 N. 185th Ave. Waddell

Architectural Control Committee
None scheduled
6140 N. 185th Ave., Waddell


CCRs, Bylaws
Association Rules (Irrigation, Vegetation Control, Architectural Control)
CCRs Unit IV
CCRs Unit V
CCRs Unit VI and 11/2013 Amendment changing POA
CCRs Unit VII and 11/2013 Amendment changing POA

Minutes of Prior Meetings

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